Monday, January 30, 2006


too many thoughts, too many events.. too many reason to write in this space of mine... but no drive to write at all..

Well its been a while since i posted over here.. 6 months and a couple of days.. I've been decomissioned to write/type.. not because I dont have anything to write about but probably because i have too much thoughts in my head that my hands can't keep up..

So let me do a short reCAP.. let me put on my travelling hat on and you as well.. because we're going back to memory lane..

July - My first job..
- Talked with CANADA.. she's not coming back..

August - Started taking calls.. (shesh americans are so stupid.. coming soon..)
- Vtech..

September - Mr. Fix-it
- Group EB and Gimiks

October - Vtech Canada
- Halloween at vtech

November - Beerday..

December - Shopping Marathon..
- Long day from dusk til dawn..
- Another lonely Christmas Day..
- Mom's home coming..

January - New year
- Baguio with my friends
- Kabag.. pinayito's celebration.. a 2 night gimik thing..
- DOG Days..

Well I guess these are the most significant days that I could remember.. the rest are just moments lost in time.. or probably insignificant to me..

with these events gone past I dont even know where to start.. but heck at least I tried.. hopefully soon enough I'll try even harder


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