Tuesday, January 31, 2006


a very common word but has a meaning of a thousands words.. no more spoon feeding.. ego boosting words for now.. just a short 4 letter word.. this can describe what is in my head.. soon.. such a perfect word.. not now.. no definite date but soon.. I'll update my blog soon.. I'll think of something worth writing and reading about so to my dear friends.. its coming.. soon..

Monday, January 30, 2006


too many thoughts, too many events.. too many reason to write in this space of mine... but no drive to write at all..

Well its been a while since i posted over here.. 6 months and a couple of days.. I've been decomissioned to write/type.. not because I dont have anything to write about but probably because i have too much thoughts in my head that my hands can't keep up..

So let me do a short reCAP.. let me put on my travelling hat on and you as well.. because we're going back to memory lane..

July - My first job..
- Talked with CANADA.. she's not coming back..

August - Started taking calls.. (shesh americans are so stupid.. coming soon..)
- Vtech..

September - Mr. Fix-it
- Group EB and Gimiks

October - Vtech Canada
- Halloween at vtech

November - Beerday..

December - Shopping Marathon..
- Long day from dusk til dawn..
- Another lonely Christmas Day..
- Mom's home coming..

January - New year
- Baguio with my friends
- Kabag.. pinayito's celebration.. a 2 night gimik thing..
- DOG Days..

Well I guess these are the most significant days that I could remember.. the rest are just moments lost in time.. or probably insignificant to me..

with these events gone past I dont even know where to start.. but heck at least I tried.. hopefully soon enough I'll try even harder