Wednesday, June 15, 2005

YIKES! Jordan in the House...

and now wearing the age number 23.. IZEBOX aka SHADES.. hehehe...

i feel like as soon as the clock striked 12 ganun na ang intro sa akin.. waaah... i'm still young at heart and i dont look that old (i think).. oh well but im 23..
23.. twenty three.. bente tres.. kinda has nice ring to it.. hmmm.. i wonder what changes might happen?

hmmm.. like my friend chelo humored me by saying. "quick go to a mirror.." i asked,"why?" sabi nya.. "to see your self changing to 23.. " hehehe..

well i dont feel any different.. i dont feel any older.. wiser and more mature probably but not old.. (i am in such a denial stage) oh well..

i wonder whats going to happen.. hopefully this year would be a good year for me.. hmmm.. wishes for my birthday.. i want lots of gifts.. hehehe.. but seriously.. i want 5 things..

1. a wallet ( i heard its lucky recieve a wallet as a gift and i lost mine unluckily.. *hint* *hint*)
2. Money ( something to put in my wallet, and Gawd i want a new cellphone and need some new rags/clothes/shoes.. yadah! yadah!)
3. Health (mahirap na magkasakit.. ano ako mayaman..)
4. Happiness (gosh who would want to be sad in his/her birthday..)
5. Love (hmmm.. sana nandito na sya.. sino kaya yun.. )

well enough of my wish list.. hehehe.. back to me.. i'd like to thank these groups..

1. My family.. you have been so supportive and loving.. also dont forget understanding.. hopefully i can payback everything in gratitude..

2. Friends..

a. Bigkis- you have been like family to me.. thank you!
b. Pex- you are truly one great group.. sarap at ang saya nyo kasama.. thank you!
c. Kababata- ang tanda na natin.. hehehehe.. it was great growing with you..
d. CSA buddies- until the very end! salamat!

..hmmm.. aren't i getting scary parang last testimony ko na ito.. nakakatakot.. oh well just ignore me i'm just being a little sentimental.. heck i only turn 23 once.. come on give me a break..

salamat sa mga bumati.. at sa mga babati pa lang salamat din..


Blogger Alivia said...

hi i have no idea who you are, but i clicked on "next blog" and your page came up. anyway it kinda reminded me of mine, so thought i'd leave you a note! happy bday. remember...older doesn't have to mean boring:)

10:37 AM  
Blogger kalypso said...

uy, may new friend... happy bday bro... pde bang sagutin ko na yung happiness sa wishlist mo? pagpunta ko sa saturday, kikilitiin na lang kita, heheheh! mwah!

12:47 PM  
Blogger shadesofizebox said...

hahaha.. i had to edit it pa.. you know what i found so much typo graphical errors.. hehehe.. gosh antok na talaga ako kanina.. hehehe.. thanks for the greeting.. :D

12:56 PM  
Blogger eventuallypretty said...

ang hirap ng mga wish sa list. pwede bang iba na lang? hahaha...

mhen ang tanda mo na... (look whos talking) ;)

10:18 PM  
Blogger Quentin said...

wait til you reach my age. then we'll compare notes >:}

10:20 PM  
Blogger shadesofizebox said...

Patty: oo nga look who's talking? teka mahirap ba yung wish list ko.. hehehe.. i made it as simple/complicated as possible.. hehehe.. kidding aside.. tanda na natin.. :)

Quentin: hmmm.. how about we compare notes now.. :D hehehe.. tell me what was it like when your my age..

2:46 AM  
Blogger Quentin said...

oh you know, i always have safe answers and replies. anyone senior than i am by just a year gets my respect, even if they're plain a-holes. i'll practically say yes to anything just so i don't catch anyone's ire :}

besides that, ang sarap sa internet cafe at maglaro ng CS at D2 >:D

3:20 AM  

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