Tuesday, June 21, 2005

was once happy but not anymore

well was suppose to post something fun and refreshing.. a review of my party last saturday.. but something came up.. so im not up to write about something nice.. next time na lang.. just feeling so emotional and depressed right now.. :(

ang hirap magpakasaya kung malungkot ka talaga.. hayy...

what do i feel? my chest seems to be contracting..
my head feels so light and my eyes seems puffed
i cant think straight and i cant even speak
life seems to be sucked out of my lonely soul

i try to put a smile but gravity seems to pull my lips down
no wings can lift my burdened heart and soul
no such power can bring me to life
im now just a beaten up thing waiting to be thrown away

sometime i feel like a broken glass no no chance of being fixed or glued back to look like new..

broken and untitled..

who wouldn’t fall in love
when the person you long for
is just a reach away from you

would it not be love
when no matter how much pain
you still rise up and love even more

how can things be this way
when emotions take over
wisdom and logic is now a disorder

could this really happen
when hello means goodbye
and I love you are just words

why do you have to fall
when your wings reaches the sky
but what you seek is the heavens above

when is I love you meant
how should it be said
who is it meant for

questions problems emotions must take in
not much sound just the silence of a breaking heart
and the ill fated truth that destiny doesn’t lie on this path

seekers of love and sacrifices of hopeless romantics
fall down and rise again.. waiting for their chance
chanting and whispering. “when will it be me?”

sorry guys for the senti mode.. hope you'd bear with me..


Blogger kalypso said...

ano ka ba luther... daig mo pa si superman na nakalulon ng maraming kryptonite... remember no matter how sad things are now... this too shall pass. i know, i don't exactly know how you feel, but we all, at least once in our lives, had looked forward to something only to find out it will never happen... most of us know how that feels, it stinks!

maybe something even better is in store for you. c'mon it's not like you to be all mushy... cheer up :)

4:10 AM  
Blogger >sheE said...

why do you have to fall
when your wings reaches the sky
but what you seek is the heavens above...

...just the silence of a breaking


7:00 AM  
Blogger Quentin said...

i think you need another bar of peni fresh

7:44 PM  

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