Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Lot Like Me..

the other day i went out with some friends to watch a movie.. truthfully i was hesitant to watch it.. i dont know.. maybe because of the fact that it is a chick flick.. oh well i love my friend and she really wants to watch it so there.. (Chelo you owe me one.. :glee:)

well it was a typical once in a blue moon only in the movie cheessy kind of flick with an occasional laugh.. :D

hmmm.. well during the movie i have the following realizations or questions in my head running around in circles.. here are a few of them..

what will i be doing in 5-7 years from now? hmmm.. a lot of changes should occur i dont really know.. i have goals and plans.. but do they always work.. maybe i hsould just go with the flow.. hmmm.. tommorow is uncertain but the path is there..

will life wait for you when pause and think? hmmm.. i guess not.. life moves on even if i stop and smell the flowers.. the world revolves and slow motion only works in movies and TV.. gosh i guess no music and close ups for me..

Can you handle a relationship when you can't handle yourself? hmmm.. now this hit me.. wow! probably that is why i'm single.. i'm still figuring myself out.. although i miss the care, compassion and the perks of having one.. maybe it just suits me to be single.. be independent.. figure out what i want to do in my life and where am i really going.. and if i can handle everything.. hmm.. i wonder if being a jugler would make this task easier..

what if its too late? hmmm.. a thought, a question and fear that bothers me and lingers in my head.. what if i can't do anything to change what wrong i have done.. what if i can't redeem myself.. wow! now that is scary!

will i ever see you again? hmmm.. this last part struck me like lightning.. i wonder if there really exist a predefined destiny or you choose it.. i have been in a sort of alanganing single type of relationship for a good 4 months now.. and i wonder if i'd get to see her.. i guess this is what makes long distance relationship not work.. the point that you dont see and get to be with your partner.. (sabi ko nga yung mga malapit na at lahat nahihirapan paano pa yung malalayo.. ) oh well i cant have everything.. hopefully i do get a chance.. wait a minute she's coming home by next week.. thats my chance.. but after she leaves whats next.. hmmm.. only time can answer me that.. i guess.. i just have to be patient and wait..

well thanks to my buddies who have watched it with.. Chelo - i'm here.. and that guy doesnt know what he is losing if he lets go.. Patty - keep on smiling.. i dont mind letting you rub off your happy moment.. i just hope it lasts.. Akira - nice watching with you.. learn from their mistakes.. hehehe..

so 'til next time.. see you in the movies..


Blogger Quentin said...

5 years from now? if you think you'd like to end up like me then well, let's drink to that!

yez >:D

10:16 PM  

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