Friday, June 10, 2005

A look a step back of summer 2005

Hmmm… Summer has been a blast! So far one of the best and most memorable… so much has happened, so much to write about… hmm… I wonder how I should start with it…

Hmmm.. May 6-8 was the scheduled Bigkis Camp.. and I was part of the Camp heads… could you imagine me being the Program director.. well basically I was to handle all of the activities.. and I was to manage also the time and schedule for the day.. to top that me and my team had to come up with interesting and fun activities to fill up the day.. well since this has been long over due.. to describe what happened.. the Camp was a great success.. I was speechless and overwhelmed by its result the program team did great.. even my 2 new members showed their best talents as they brought joy to the campers and staff with their colorful antics and character.. Now that it is over, I am relieved that it went smoothly and all according to plan.. As a concluding remark of this part my summer I would like to say Thanks to the Camp Staff and Welcome to the Campers to the Bigkis Community..

Here are some pictures of camp…



Wait I almost forgot something.. my graduation it was scheduled May 7.. and yes it is on one of the camp dates.. well although it was tiring and stressful I have managed to do both.. hitting two birds with one stone as one cliché may say.. my team and I were able to come up with a solution… good thing my graduation schedule went according to our plans.. hehehe.. and yes finally I’m officially out of school.. and on my way to the professional world.. I wonder what lies ahead of me.. but for now I’m on my summer vacation.. so I’ll worry about that soon.. for now… lets hit the waves, enjoy the rays of the sun and get my feet sandy.. hehehe..

Here are some pictures of me during graduation…

So What’s next..

hmmm.. well as I have said in my previous post I owe this blog site a lot of post.. hmmm.. I wonder where I should start.. well let me start with my vacation 2 weeks ago.. well this past 2 weeks was an adventure for me.. i have been in 4 different locations for summer.. and I haven't stopped there.. hehehe.. ok to start it off.. I headed off to Baguio.. well we left here tuesday night and got back here friday morning.. hmmm.. so how was Baguio? gosh! I wish I stayed longer.. hehehe.. come on the weather there is much more cooler and the ambiance in the house we stayed was so classy.. it makes you feel so warm and cozy..




Next was Zambales.. Tagging along with my friend and her officemates from MIASCOR.. we journeyed to Zambales… at first I thought I might get out of placed.. coz they are professional working already as for me I’m just a fresh graduate without any idea of a real job... but they were sociable and accepted me as an equal.. although at first I hesitated however now when I think of it.. I’m happy that I did.. about the place it was a provincial type of area.. come on what do you expect of a place that takes 4-5 hours of driving from manila.. oh well you don’t see me complaining anyways the highlight of the trip was this virgin island.. the locals call it "Putipot.. " gosh and it was virgin indeed.. just take a look at the pix to see for yourself.. but before that I would like to thank QueenKatie for allowing me to join her.. thank you so much… sa susunod.. balik tayo..





this post will be cut short for now.. hehehe.. wait for the next post..


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