Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Am i ready for work?

Well im tired of being a bum.. i want to do something productive and creative... hehehe.. I cant live throughout my life just pexing and going to EBs.. haay! yesterday my friend chelo got me a job interview.. she wowed me by mentioning it the afternoon before my interview.. nonetheless i am grateful and in deep honor to be put in that position.. well prior to that i need to fix my resume.. luckily a friend of mine and another chelo assisted me into finishing and cleaning up my resume.. well the interview went ok... an inside in what happened in my interview.. basically kinakabahan ako nung una.. but i came to ease as we began to talk casually regarding my background.. hay! nakahinga din ako.. the exam after the interview was quite long but bearable.. i wonder whats next.. hopefully i'd be called soon for another interview.. wish me luck!

by the way i'd like to thank the two chelos for your support!

hmmn.. the question now is if im ready for work.. (jaws theme.. ) i hope so..

by the way heres my resume picture.. hehehehe..


Blogger Quentin said...

you know what, when I had my interview, I wasn't nervous. the only thing that was on my mind is, "I'm gonna show you all how it is done"

oh yeah. up til now, I'm still in the company I applied for that day ...

10:21 PM  

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