Sunday, April 24, 2005

Finally Vacation!

Well last Thursday until Saturday morning I went out with my family.. hehehe.. and got myself a well deserved break.. it has been a while since I had a real vacation.. and I guess that I can officially I’m starting my summer now.. well the place we went to was in los banos.. well its not far from my place.. more or less and hour drive to get there.. the venue was ok.. airconditioned room. A terrific bar with videoke.. a pool.. hmmm.. almost perfect.. hehehe.. well together with my cousins and some friends we rock the place down.. hehehe.. nonstop drinking and videoke.. hehehe.. and little gambling.. the pool was hot but what do you expect hot spring nga diba.. but its ok.. at least I get to dip my sprained ankle.. hehehe.. so I wonder after this.. where would be my next destination.. hmmm.. I do hope somewhere like a beach.. but before I go all out have to finish the camp and my graduation march.. oh well I guess.. 2nd week of May would be the perfect time to hit the beaches.. hehehe.. oh well.. beaches.. sun.. sand.. babes.. and alcohol can wait for me for a few more weeks.. and after that I’m going all out.. so summer beware.. for they don’t call me shades and izebox for nothing.. cool aren’t I?

Am I good enough?!?

The big event is coming.. naku! Camp na naman.. hehehe.. soon enough I’m off to Tanay once again… well I’m excited and nervous at the same time.. excited coz I’d get to experience camp again.. this time.. I’m handling the activities as “Program director”.. (naks! Ang sarap pakinggan... hehehe) on the other hand I’m nervous… because I have such a big responsibility.. although I know that the Lord will not give up on me.. and that he is always there to guide me.. somehow I feel that I’m not good enough.. nyek! Lumabas na yung pessimist side ko.. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but heck I guess sometimes anxiety gets to me.. oh well I do hope things get into the right track… hmmm .. so am I good enough.. well I know I’m not that of an actor.. I’m more of an organizig type of person.. who has quick creative but weird ideas.. hehehe.. that is me.. hay! Life.. parang buhay.. oh well there is no turning back now.. I guess its now or never.. even if I feel that I’m not good enough… I shouldn’t feel this way.. besides my peers and community feels that I can handle the job thus I should believe in myself.. like how they believe in me.. (its so easy to say it but true enough its so hard to do and express it..) well another day is up ahead and the day is coming to a close.. good luck on me.. and my staff.. no regrets.. coz I know I did my best.. and I’m sure the program team will do their best also.. KUDOS to us..

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Antipolo Lights!

hmmm.. yesterday amidst te rushing and unpredictable weather.. me and my friends in PEX went to Antipolo.. hmmm... what can i say about it.. grabe it was breath taking.. hehehe.. hmmm.. got to spend time with my friends at a nice restaurant.. old spaghetti house is the name of the place.. gosh! the ambiance was awesome.. the food was superb.. hehehe.. and to top it all i was in the company of great friends.. hahaha.. once again i'm in a singles circle.. but i dont mind.. as long as i have my buddies.. hahaha.. (Izebox is that you?) anyways.. as the day ended we wnet to this place with the caption, " see manila by night" true enough you can truly see manila.. the manila lights were so captivating.. like stars in the sky.. hmmm.. later on we had our usual singing and the agenda of the night the video making.. hmmm.. i think bitin pa yung video.. hehehe.. also we got to prepare for the upcomming gig we have.. naks! band in the making na ito.. hehehe.. anyways i guess there was something in the air that makes that night so enjoyable.. amidst the tired bodies of me and my buddies.. but all is ok.. hehehe.. as the night ended.. we headed down.. tired and all sleepy.. got to stick around with each other til 5 am.. gosh! you might ask what we did.. well.. we slept with each other.. *ehem* *batok* not that sleep.. sleep as in tambay sa loob ng car and dozed off some Zssss hehehe.. sobrang pagod at bangag na talaga kami.. hehehe.. and then that's when i saw it.. as the rest of my buds sleep i saw the antipolo lights.. hahaha.. you might wonder how? well i guess i didnt need to go to antipolo to find it.. i just need to look at my friends.. with smiles and their eyes aglow.. coz indeed they shine brighter than any light or star.. (nyek! nakapambola na naman ako.. hehehe.. ) but its true.. im thankful to have them.. hehehe. sana maulit ulit..
the moment ended but deep in my heart the memories lies there.. hehehe.. the galeria laughter.. hehehe.. the antipolo dinner.. the OL (overlooking) scene.. the band in the making and most important of all the good company that made the night worthwhile.
hmmm.. kelan kaya ang practice.. hehehe.. oh well see you guys in Puerto Galera.. hehehehe.. :D

Friday, April 15, 2005

size matters?!

hmmm.. very erotic yung title ko noh.. hehehe.. im sure most green minded people would think something else and be disappointed upon reading this post.. warning this is not what your thinking of.. hehehe.. its something else.. hehehe.. so come one lighten up a little.. hehehe.. and remove that smirk in your face.. :D
well back to my post and enough of the warnings.. size matters.. yup this is true.. its not the person's size, their built, their height, their shoe size.. hehehe.. i think it lies from deep with in.. its something that is in us all.. our hearts.. (well not our physically heart..) its our attitude.. our will to fight for what we believe and dream.. oh daba medyo malalim yung talk ko.. hehehe..
well the reason why im writing this is becoz of an anime i recently started to watch.. its not this super great anime.. but its a simple cartoon with ordinary characters.. hehehe.. how a small person with a big heart changes the path of the lives of the people around him.. how he made his dream come true.. well i would like to be like me.. for someone who has low self confidence.. I would want to have the determination he has.. a will to go on and the guts to stick with his dreams.. such a simple ideal is hard to find.. or is it.. i think it always lies within us its just a matter of bringing it out.. hay life.. "not" and "no" are bad words to linger in a persons head more if it stays in the heart.. a person's mind should be filled with determination and what is right.. and the heart should be filled with love and faith..
as i end this nonesense post.. let say something 1st.. attitude is an important aspect in one's life.. if you believe in yourself and put action to what you believe, dream and hope for.. these things will become a reality.. so size really matters.. in terms of attitude, perseverance, will and heart.. hehehe... hmmm... but before that reality.. matutulog muna ako hehehe.. gudnyt and sweet dreams for now.. sianara!

Thursday, April 14, 2005


today I found myself in script writing spree... had to accomplish this superhero script I will be using in May.. hmmm.. as usual a lot of things came into mind... as young kids we tend to believe in the existence of these so called heroes.. but as we get older their reality soon fades to nothing... hmmm.. isnt this such a fact of life.. we lose our faith/trust in something we believe in and soon enough all is at lost.. we grow up.. I think this goes in all aspects of life.. in religion, spirituality, psychological strength, physical strength.. emotions.. even in love.. hehehe... why do we grow up and complicate life.. hmmm.. why cant we just live the simple happy life... and enjoy every moment there is.. be like a child.. innocent but truthful.. oh well this remains a question one must ponder on as his/her life goes on... but for the meantime... lets all just be superheroes.. every little thing is important.. everyone can contribute.. all can be a hero.. we dont need super powers.. just the intention and good heart to help others in need.. so are you a hero or a zero?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


a while ago I happened to get to play ball... and there are a lot of things that have crossed my mind.. a lot of thoughts and realizations.. hehehe.. here are a few things..

1. life is like basketball... why? it has its ups and downs.. (how cliche) hehehe.. but the its true.. its either we are on the offense or defense.. offense is when we are up for the challenge of life.. ready to face it head on... defense is when we defend our principles.. its like defending what you have fought for with your life.. and /or skills... even the actions are basic principles of life... dribbling is when you move towards your goal.. shooting is when you aim for your goal.. blocking is defending your goal.. stealing is grabbing an opportunity for your goal.. passing is finding a better way for a common goal.. gosh life is a ball game... hehehe... and this is a fact of life.. hehehe..

2. each person is different and unique.. each is a Gift from God.. hehehe.. naks! (IZEBOX KAW BA YAN?!) hehehehe.. each has a different skill and in a team these skills are used to harness a win.. there is no I in team.. another cliche.. hehehe.. we are all dependent people.. although some may deny it.. but its a fact of life.. a team works hard and hand in hand for a common goal.. No one can win alone.. team works is always needed.. without this all is a lost..

3. you can be who you want.. its all in the mind.. one can do anything as long as that person believes in him/herself.. dreams are free so why restrict yourself.. besides life is a ball anything can happen.. just like life.. as long as one keeps a positive outlook in life.. its a big psychological fight rather that a physical one.. as i would always say its all in the attitude.. so keep your head up and never give up..

4. this last group are the most important realizations.. i should go out more often.. (ang dami ko nang hindi kakilala.. hehehe) i should practice na... hehehe (im getting rusty.. ) last but not the least.. im getting old na.. (i dont run the run how i used to.. im prone to injuries.. hehehehe) *gosh! my ankle hurts.. * hmmm.. i wonder how long i should nurture my injured ankle.. but i shouldnt let it affect me.. anyways.. this is life.. i shouldnt get my age in the way its all in the attitude right.. oh well bata pa ako.. bata pa tayo.. walang aangal.. hehehe..

next game is next week.. well practice game at least.. wish me luck and give me the remark.. break a leg.. hehehe.. but no serious injuries.. hahaha.. later!

Monday, April 11, 2005

another piece by shades!

Tints and hues

I have this canvas I which I see no picture just colors,
tints and hues that creates catastrophic shades in mind.
I wonder when my masterpiece would end, my work of art
produced by my labor and deep thinking
sights and sounds don’t mean a thing, for the image that enchants my frenzy
is no where in sight, no matter how much I seek, I still cannot find.

as moments pass me by, blue became the color of the cold season at hand, red
the heat of the night, green the life trees bring, purple the magic of love,
black the depth of my emotions, yellow the light clears my path,
white the shade as the moon falls to ones skin and brown or tan the tone of the earth.

It sounds strange how colors creates an image you and I see,
nonetheless the shades proves nothing but mere colors created by illusions,
just tints and hues that someday will fade out of existence.
but before the color cease to exist, it shows off a brilliance that is none like before…
A new look to ponder, a new sight to see but most importantly
It’s a new emotion one can feel and inspire to create more…

Sunday, April 10, 2005


well this is the bigger bulk of our thesis acknowledgement... our meaning me and my partner.. hehehe..
"Our Parents and family who gave us moral and monetary support during the process of the study. Our Technical adviser Mr. Jay Del Rosario, who have aided us in giving us substantial work materials for our study. Our Professors who have imparted to us and taught us what we needed to complete our study. Mr. Barachina, our thesis adviser who constantly nagged us to be prompt and punctual in the submission of requirements. Mr. Jonathan Calderon and Mr. Jed Alfad, our panel that has given us more work to finalize on the study. Dr. Rewel Santural, the School Dean that never failed to get tired of signing all our letters and request. CHAMFORLAZ, our ever loyal and faithful “Barkada” that has always been their to help us and give us smiles whenever we are on the down side. BIGKIS, our Organization that was always behind us all the way. Thank you for giving us spiritual strength as we pursue this endeavor. To our classmates, who never failed to remind us our class requirements and to always there if we need to confirm things in regards to the requirements. To PEX for keeping us posted thru your threads and keeping us awake and going during those sleepless nights, thank you for the support our dear pexer buddies. To Mark and Archie our close friends, that have given us extensive hints and lectures for our Flash programs and presentations. To Val who has helped and guided us on the analysis of our study. Our Friends from AC who have passed us some of their unwritten knowledge that added to our creative growth. Monster, Luther’s cute dog who was always there to bother us but nonetheless gave us some entertainment. To our girlfriends and ex-girlfriends who have been patiently waited for the completion of this study and yet have shown their love and understanding to us. Honda City WGS616, Jeff’s dependable car that has been used as our transportation day to day and also storage for our documents. $#AD3$, Luther’s pc that has been consistent and reliable, for aiding us in the documents, creation and development of the software. Thank you for not crashing down. And last but not the least, to God Almighty. For keeping us safe and giving us the perseverance, knowledge and talents to accomplish this study.

This acknowledgement could grow more and more by the minute. We know we had to thank a lot of people who have aided us during this research study. Although time and memory is not at our side, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You know who you are. "

After writing this acknowledgement down I have come to realize that I have encountered and met a lot people in my life.. all of which contributed in a small or big way to my life and how I live it today. Amazing isn't it... hmmm.. a thought to ponder on.. have you thanked all the people you have encountered or have you regretted some.. hehehe.. oh well that is life.. each crossroad you meet some.. you keep some.. you discard some.. but nonetheless you have been part of their lives as much as they have partaken in yours... more things to say.. but so little time.. oh well thanks to everyone..

Friday, April 08, 2005


how much does a person need to be recharged? just another post filled with my weird ideas and thoughts... again i linger in front of my ever faithful computer.. keeping my fingers crossed that my piece of hardware wont crash down on me.. Gosh! I feel like a robot with a fast charger.. no more 8 hours of sleep for me.. hmmm.. i wonder... would it matter if i dont sleep at all.. nyek! for all i know i'd be in my bed lying down and resting in a few minutes... hmmm.. whats in my head today? tonight.. right now.. will i find my true love.. hahaha.. pathetic.. romantic? hopeless.. :wink: hehehe.. oh well that's luther for you.. hehehe... what else.. how will I play later? hehehe.. do i have the game with me? hehehe.. i wonder? oh well that i got to see.. hmmm.. how are my friends? thinking of them.. i wonder makatulog kaya sila.. hehehe.. oh well no one to bother.. so might as well just waste some net space.. hehehe.. gosh i feel the senti mode today.. i wonder why.. it feels like im so empty.. dont know why i think this way.. but i do.. hay naku life.. its so buhay.. well dont mind me.. if ever any wandering soul would happen to read this please remind me.. that i should be happy.. ( i dont know.. coz somewhere deep inside me i feel so sad and alone.. ) oh well as my friend reminded me via text.. dont forget to smile.. so now i have this permanent smile in my face.. hehehe.. gosh Im bored.. can you tell.. oh well back to my regular bumming around routine.. wish me luck.. hahaha.. :D

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Minsa'y Umibig

Minsan naisip ko bakit ganun ang buhay...
Parang pinaglalaruan lang ako…
Ginanagamit at pinapatulan ng tadhana…
Napagiiwanan at pinagtatawanan…

Ayoko ng maramdaman ito…
Sinusumpa ko na ang mga gagung tao
Mga mapagsamantala ng kabaitan ko
Mga pinagbigyan ngunit umaabuso

Busabos na mga nilalang na binabasura ako
Walang kwentang tao na walang respeto
Taong hindi na rin dapat bigyan nito
Kulang pa ang mga kasukdulan na hinahampas ko sa kanila

Bakit ko nga ba pinagaaksayahan ng panahon
Kakarmahin din sila… may panahon din sila…
Dadagukan din sila… at pagnangyari yun tatawan ko lang sila
At pababayaan sa mga hinagpis nila sa madilim nilang sulok…

Ngunit ang sama ko naman para isipin ang kasamaan na yun…
Ayokong maging masama.. ano nga ba? Tama na ba?
Ipagpaliban ko na lang ang hinanakit ko sa kanila
Ayoko na! pagod na ako umibig…

Pagibig nga ba ang tawag dito o pagpapakatanga…
Kung ano man iyon ayoko na…

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Flavor of the Month

There would come to a point when you wont love me anymore,
Bakit kaya nagkaganito, bakit hindi ko maitanto?
A point where I’m just another flavor you’ll soon be bored of
Ika’y nagsasawa at naasiwa na sa akin
I do understand this predicament but still I can’t figure it out,
Hindi ko maintindihan, gusto kong malaman
I can’t help it, is this flavor over or am I a vintage classic
Kung bakit sa tamis ng pagibig ito’y nangyayari

Why am I afraid to let go?
Bakit ako? Bakit ako takot?
Why do fear the pain of love?
Umibig ba ako ng sobra-sobra?
Why can’t I just live this fairy tale love story?
Parang isang teleserya na pina-ikot ikot
Where the prince did not die, and the princess didn’t leave me
Ngunit sa huli, wakas din naman na ubod ng saya.

I don’t want to imagine, I can’t foresee
Ayakong masulyap at ayokong makita ang madilim na hinaharap,
When, why and how this happiness couldn’t be
Pilit pinipikit, ayaw mamulat sa realidad
I smell the scent of love still in the air,
Ngunit ang simoy ng pag-ibig ay nandyan pa, may pagasa pa
A mist floating, a relationship not ending now or here.
Humihingi sa may kapal ng tulong na sana’y ang katapusan ay lumisan na...

Just another memory of how sweet it is
Sana ibalik ang tamis ng pagiibigan
It’s in my taste buds and in the air that I breathe in
Nangangarap na lamang na sana hindi pagsawaan..
Just waiting for the moment to pass by
O naghihintay na magising sa panaginip kong ito
Or is it forever?
Ngayon ba? Kalian man?

Bumming Around

How can someone venture into some shut eyes when there is so much things that can be done?
well another very familiar excuse from an Insomiac.. or better yet you can call me a Nocturial.. hehehe.. a while ago i tried to get some sleep.. but unfortunately with all the temptation around me how could you.. picture this.. im in my room.. i have a bag of chips.. and a bottle of cold Coke.. surrounded by CSI Las Vegas series 3 and 4 dvd version.. then I have my DSL Connection with my browser connected to PEX.. LURK mode.. hahahaha.. and to top it all I have just installed a TV tuner in my PC.. in short I have transformed my Desktop into an entertainment system.. so do you ever Think I could get any shut eyes.. hay! as the song goes.. "so little time so much to do.. " is so true.. hehehe.. oh well enough of my rantings.. I'm still looking froward for today.. tomorrow.. and the day after next... hehehe.. life will definitely pick up.. or it get more hectic than this.. but hey Im not complaning.. I rather bum around and be in relax mode.. less hassles.. oh well thats life.. well might as well live it... KUDOS!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

PEX Trip!

Last weekend I have received this wonderful opportunity to be with my friends from PEX.. It was something planed months ago and finally I was able to free myself to actually join them.. well technically this wasn’t the first time.. anyways I joined my friends, and had a blast of a time.. me just being myself, enjoyed the antics, humor and company of each one of them.. i even have the thought of what if this was for real.. hmmm.. what could have come of us.. well it would be like the TV sitcom "Friends" 9 young and single adults living out the battles of life.. single hood.. hunger and boredom.. but heck i doubt it if we would get hungry and bored.. hahaha.. if ever there would be the sitcom the characters would be like this:

Quentin: The "kuya" well from his experiences we could learn a lot from it.. hehehe.. has a very unique humor.. a frustrated guitarist.. and songer.. but he's both very intellectual and very single..

Tipsy Guy: Mr. Photo addict! hehehe.. one cool techie guy who has the a lot of things in his mind.. a little disclosed but "nasa loob ang kulo" hehehe.. his a man of few words and a bit snobbish daw.. ( i wonder who said that?).. he is the barbeque man.. ang dakilang taga-ihaw.. always on call and rarely not in from of his laptop..

Cigawette: The New Bunso! hehehe.. the youngest of the cast.. at first glance, silent and harmless.. but as the lights turn out.. he transforms and sheds his true skin.. a gimickero and guitarist.. but please i beg of you dont make him dance.. hahaha.. apparently he is not so domesticated.. he cant cook yet.. but he now knows how to cut mushrooms..

Izebox: Mr. Shades.. hmmm.. the other Photo addict! wont leave a moment not documented.. super "kulit" and "harot".. hahaha.. sweet ata and youthful.. an observer.. a director.. "ang Tangero at Bar Tender".. The Driver.. ang Cook.. Domesticated pala.. uy! pwede na daw mag-asawa.. kaso isip 16 yrs old.. hahaha.. but heck he's mature n his own special way.. (naks! biglang bawe..)

Queen Katie: The conservative type of person.. or are you sure? yup I'm sure.. hehehe... the woman who has a lot of things to say and then she says it.. very frank and honest.. also so kolehiyala.. hahaha.. the motherly figure and she has the itinerary for the whole day.. hahaha.. Organized and bossy.. but loyal.. hehehe.. so funny especially when tipsy.. hmmm.. demanding in her own way.. grabe you know what she is one great person to be with.. hehehe..

GNP: The seductress.. hehehe.. portrait fanatic.. the partner in crime of Queen Katie.. makulit din.. mataray but mabait once you get to know her.. she is one and like with queen katie.. i guess it is true.. "Birds of the same feather make a good feather duster.." hahaha.. hmm.. what else forever conscious of her figure.. (parang lahat sila ganun ah.. ) hehehe.. hates being the subject but always posses.. hehehe.. cant get enough of her portraits..

Calypso: The Ate.. este sis lang pala.. hahaha.. she is very sweet and motherly.. hehehe.. not much of an alcohol drinker but she tries.. opps.. social drinking lang.. very shy kunwari.. hahaha.. but heck she is there when you need her.. she listens.. Youthful pa rin.. and so much kalog.. hehehe..

Anne: the Miss Friendly of the cast.. she has been MIA from pex but never fails to keep in touch pa minsan minsan.. makulit din at very addicted to pictures and video.. hehehe.. love to hang out and chill.. kaso very busy with her career.. hay naku kelan ka kaya namin makakasama ulit.. hehehe..

Maldita: The very single and very Ate like of the cast.. hehehe.. hmm.. not much to say aoubt her.. but whe one unique girl.. well they all are.. she's one of the ihaw crew.. hehehe.. ang dakilang taga-tingin kung magaling sumisid si izebox.. kaso bitin daw palagi.. hehehe..

hmmm.. I wonder kung mag-click ang sitcom na ito.. hehehe..

Reflection of a shadow

Peek thru the tainted glass and look for them

The cool breeze of the night shivers its bare body
As the star lit sky blankets the faceless stranger
No words, no actions just a figure beneath the shadows of the night
Waiting eagerly for yesterday to pass by

His reflection predicts his existence
Do you see him thru the tainted glass?
His vision stand still upon a murky corner
Hoping daybreak will light a new day.

Why do I see this fellow before me?
I’ve seen before, but still a stranger before my eyes
Have I forgotten who this man is and his purpose?
Could it be that somehow we have a connection between us?

He mourns before me and I feel his sadness,
He tries to whisper, but each word comes out garbled
I see a tear rolling from his cheeks, as well as mine
I wonder deeper who is this man why do I feel him?

I came to look again, and as a stint of light shimmer thru
I stand in silence for I saw myself, as the man Sincere in his words and actions
That man who stand before me, who loves so much, who is deeply in love
Wondering, waiting, hoping when his shadow will come back to him and love him back

Have you seen her? You know….
Have you seen my shadow?


Well this would be my first official post on my blogsite.. so please bear with me.. hmmm..
wow I cant believe its so hard to think of something to type down.. its really surprising for someone who does keep his mouth shut and someone who can blabber his way out of things.. well im asking my friend on what to write.. but I guess she is as clueless as me.. suggesting to me to post anything under the sun.. like hello?! "ang dami nun!" hahaha.. just kidding aside.. blogs are for what you have inside that head of yours.. right? hmmm.. come to think of it I have so much things to type and say.. well for now.. i officially welcome myself in blog.. hahaha.. well I will keep you posted.. Sianara! Aloha!