Thursday, February 02, 2006

my color..

I was checking my email.. as i stumbled upon a mail from a friend of mine.. it was a simple test from to check what your color is.. out of boredom rather than curiousity i checked it out and came to find out that im a yellow.. so what is a yellow?!


You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

a great description for someone who has a big heart.. nonetheless I still wonder.. who am i? something worth pondering about and venturing onwards.. so i guess its a question on who is this izebox and what is he? and yes all i could say is soon.. soon I'll be able to write something about it.. another coming soon post..

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


a very common word but has a meaning of a thousands words.. no more spoon feeding.. ego boosting words for now.. just a short 4 letter word.. this can describe what is in my head.. soon.. such a perfect word.. not now.. no definite date but soon.. I'll update my blog soon.. I'll think of something worth writing and reading about so to my dear friends.. its coming.. soon..

Monday, January 30, 2006


too many thoughts, too many events.. too many reason to write in this space of mine... but no drive to write at all..

Well its been a while since i posted over here.. 6 months and a couple of days.. I've been decomissioned to write/type.. not because I dont have anything to write about but probably because i have too much thoughts in my head that my hands can't keep up..

So let me do a short reCAP.. let me put on my travelling hat on and you as well.. because we're going back to memory lane..

July - My first job..
- Talked with CANADA.. she's not coming back..

August - Started taking calls.. (shesh americans are so stupid.. coming soon..)
- Vtech..

September - Mr. Fix-it
- Group EB and Gimiks

October - Vtech Canada
- Halloween at vtech

November - Beerday..

December - Shopping Marathon..
- Long day from dusk til dawn..
- Another lonely Christmas Day..
- Mom's home coming..

January - New year
- Baguio with my friends
- Kabag.. pinayito's celebration.. a 2 night gimik thing..
- DOG Days..

Well I guess these are the most significant days that I could remember.. the rest are just moments lost in time.. or probably insignificant to me..

with these events gone past I dont even know where to start.. but heck at least I tried.. hopefully soon enough I'll try even harder

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is It Time?

In or out are your only choice,
no other chance once more...
we can never turn back time,
although we may wish another try...

How I long to hold hands,
How I wish to be appreciated...
How I long say those 3 little words,
How I wish to have that affection...

I don't want to be adored,
not be taken for granted...
I want to be loved,
i want to be the first and only...

I don't care if its a minute or a lifetime,
what matters is I shared and recieved it...
all and all, all of me for love,
all I will offer, all I will give...

I don't want to waste my opportunity,
I don't want to wait forever...
Death is not an excuse to end it,
For my love is eternal and true...

I just want to feel it,
I just want to be secured...
I just want to shout it loud,
The emotions deep in me, i hope endlessly...

"When will it be me???"

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

was once happy but not anymore

well was suppose to post something fun and refreshing.. a review of my party last saturday.. but something came up.. so im not up to write about something nice.. next time na lang.. just feeling so emotional and depressed right now.. :(

ang hirap magpakasaya kung malungkot ka talaga.. hayy...

what do i feel? my chest seems to be contracting..
my head feels so light and my eyes seems puffed
i cant think straight and i cant even speak
life seems to be sucked out of my lonely soul

i try to put a smile but gravity seems to pull my lips down
no wings can lift my burdened heart and soul
no such power can bring me to life
im now just a beaten up thing waiting to be thrown away

sometime i feel like a broken glass no no chance of being fixed or glued back to look like new..

broken and untitled..

who wouldn’t fall in love
when the person you long for
is just a reach away from you

would it not be love
when no matter how much pain
you still rise up and love even more

how can things be this way
when emotions take over
wisdom and logic is now a disorder

could this really happen
when hello means goodbye
and I love you are just words

why do you have to fall
when your wings reaches the sky
but what you seek is the heavens above

when is I love you meant
how should it be said
who is it meant for

questions problems emotions must take in
not much sound just the silence of a breaking heart
and the ill fated truth that destiny doesn’t lie on this path

seekers of love and sacrifices of hopeless romantics
fall down and rise again.. waiting for their chance
chanting and whispering. “when will it be me?”

sorry guys for the senti mode.. hope you'd bear with me..

just a positive thought for the day..

All positive change in the world comes from our ideas of what we believe is possible - Alexandra Jamieson

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

YIKES! Jordan in the House...

and now wearing the age number 23.. IZEBOX aka SHADES.. hehehe...

i feel like as soon as the clock striked 12 ganun na ang intro sa akin.. waaah... i'm still young at heart and i dont look that old (i think).. oh well but im 23..
23.. twenty three.. bente tres.. kinda has nice ring to it.. hmmm.. i wonder what changes might happen?

hmmm.. like my friend chelo humored me by saying. "quick go to a mirror.." i asked,"why?" sabi nya.. "to see your self changing to 23.. " hehehe..

well i dont feel any different.. i dont feel any older.. wiser and more mature probably but not old.. (i am in such a denial stage) oh well..

i wonder whats going to happen.. hopefully this year would be a good year for me.. hmmm.. wishes for my birthday.. i want lots of gifts.. hehehe.. but seriously.. i want 5 things..

1. a wallet ( i heard its lucky recieve a wallet as a gift and i lost mine unluckily.. *hint* *hint*)
2. Money ( something to put in my wallet, and Gawd i want a new cellphone and need some new rags/clothes/shoes.. yadah! yadah!)
3. Health (mahirap na magkasakit.. ano ako mayaman..)
4. Happiness (gosh who would want to be sad in his/her birthday..)
5. Love (hmmm.. sana nandito na sya.. sino kaya yun.. )

well enough of my wish list.. hehehe.. back to me.. i'd like to thank these groups..

1. My family.. you have been so supportive and loving.. also dont forget understanding.. hopefully i can payback everything in gratitude..

2. Friends..

a. Bigkis- you have been like family to me.. thank you!
b. Pex- you are truly one great group.. sarap at ang saya nyo kasama.. thank you!
c. Kababata- ang tanda na natin.. hehehehe.. it was great growing with you..
d. CSA buddies- until the very end! salamat!

..hmmm.. aren't i getting scary parang last testimony ko na ito.. nakakatakot.. oh well just ignore me i'm just being a little sentimental.. heck i only turn 23 once.. come on give me a break..

salamat sa mga bumati.. at sa mga babati pa lang salamat din..

Am i ready for work?

Well im tired of being a bum.. i want to do something productive and creative... hehehe.. I cant live throughout my life just pexing and going to EBs.. haay! yesterday my friend chelo got me a job interview.. she wowed me by mentioning it the afternoon before my interview.. nonetheless i am grateful and in deep honor to be put in that position.. well prior to that i need to fix my resume.. luckily a friend of mine and another chelo assisted me into finishing and cleaning up my resume.. well the interview went ok... an inside in what happened in my interview.. basically kinakabahan ako nung una.. but i came to ease as we began to talk casually regarding my background.. hay! nakahinga din ako.. the exam after the interview was quite long but bearable.. i wonder whats next.. hopefully i'd be called soon for another interview.. wish me luck!

by the way i'd like to thank the two chelos for your support!

hmmn.. the question now is if im ready for work.. (jaws theme.. ) i hope so..

by the way heres my resume picture.. hehehehe..

A Lot Like Me..

the other day i went out with some friends to watch a movie.. truthfully i was hesitant to watch it.. i dont know.. maybe because of the fact that it is a chick flick.. oh well i love my friend and she really wants to watch it so there.. (Chelo you owe me one.. :glee:)

well it was a typical once in a blue moon only in the movie cheessy kind of flick with an occasional laugh.. :D

hmmm.. well during the movie i have the following realizations or questions in my head running around in circles.. here are a few of them..

what will i be doing in 5-7 years from now? hmmm.. a lot of changes should occur i dont really know.. i have goals and plans.. but do they always work.. maybe i hsould just go with the flow.. hmmm.. tommorow is uncertain but the path is there..

will life wait for you when pause and think? hmmm.. i guess not.. life moves on even if i stop and smell the flowers.. the world revolves and slow motion only works in movies and TV.. gosh i guess no music and close ups for me..

Can you handle a relationship when you can't handle yourself? hmmm.. now this hit me.. wow! probably that is why i'm single.. i'm still figuring myself out.. although i miss the care, compassion and the perks of having one.. maybe it just suits me to be single.. be independent.. figure out what i want to do in my life and where am i really going.. and if i can handle everything.. hmm.. i wonder if being a jugler would make this task easier..

what if its too late? hmmm.. a thought, a question and fear that bothers me and lingers in my head.. what if i can't do anything to change what wrong i have done.. what if i can't redeem myself.. wow! now that is scary!

will i ever see you again? hmmm.. this last part struck me like lightning.. i wonder if there really exist a predefined destiny or you choose it.. i have been in a sort of alanganing single type of relationship for a good 4 months now.. and i wonder if i'd get to see her.. i guess this is what makes long distance relationship not work.. the point that you dont see and get to be with your partner.. (sabi ko nga yung mga malapit na at lahat nahihirapan paano pa yung malalayo.. ) oh well i cant have everything.. hopefully i do get a chance.. wait a minute she's coming home by next week.. thats my chance.. but after she leaves whats next.. hmmm.. only time can answer me that.. i guess.. i just have to be patient and wait..

well thanks to my buddies who have watched it with.. Chelo - i'm here.. and that guy doesnt know what he is losing if he lets go.. Patty - keep on smiling.. i dont mind letting you rub off your happy moment.. i just hope it lasts.. Akira - nice watching with you.. learn from their mistakes.. hehehe..

so 'til next time.. see you in the movies..

Summer Vacation Rewind

Well this wont be the exact post.. just a glimpse of it..

Lucidel, Calauan, Laguna

Bamboo house, Puerto Galera

Unisan, Quezon

..well these are the last three places i went to during the summer.. details to the places and stories will soon follow.. (hopefully)

Friday, June 10, 2005

A look a step back of summer 2005

Hmmm… Summer has been a blast! So far one of the best and most memorable… so much has happened, so much to write about… hmm… I wonder how I should start with it…

Hmmm.. May 6-8 was the scheduled Bigkis Camp.. and I was part of the Camp heads… could you imagine me being the Program director.. well basically I was to handle all of the activities.. and I was to manage also the time and schedule for the day.. to top that me and my team had to come up with interesting and fun activities to fill up the day.. well since this has been long over due.. to describe what happened.. the Camp was a great success.. I was speechless and overwhelmed by its result the program team did great.. even my 2 new members showed their best talents as they brought joy to the campers and staff with their colorful antics and character.. Now that it is over, I am relieved that it went smoothly and all according to plan.. As a concluding remark of this part my summer I would like to say Thanks to the Camp Staff and Welcome to the Campers to the Bigkis Community..

Here are some pictures of camp…



Wait I almost forgot something.. my graduation it was scheduled May 7.. and yes it is on one of the camp dates.. well although it was tiring and stressful I have managed to do both.. hitting two birds with one stone as one cliché may say.. my team and I were able to come up with a solution… good thing my graduation schedule went according to our plans.. hehehe.. and yes finally I’m officially out of school.. and on my way to the professional world.. I wonder what lies ahead of me.. but for now I’m on my summer vacation.. so I’ll worry about that soon.. for now… lets hit the waves, enjoy the rays of the sun and get my feet sandy.. hehehe..

Here are some pictures of me during graduation…

So What’s next..

hmmm.. well as I have said in my previous post I owe this blog site a lot of post.. hmmm.. I wonder where I should start.. well let me start with my vacation 2 weeks ago.. well this past 2 weeks was an adventure for me.. i have been in 4 different locations for summer.. and I haven't stopped there.. hehehe.. ok to start it off.. I headed off to Baguio.. well we left here tuesday night and got back here friday morning.. hmmm.. so how was Baguio? gosh! I wish I stayed longer.. hehehe.. come on the weather there is much more cooler and the ambiance in the house we stayed was so classy.. it makes you feel so warm and cozy..




Next was Zambales.. Tagging along with my friend and her officemates from MIASCOR.. we journeyed to Zambales… at first I thought I might get out of placed.. coz they are professional working already as for me I’m just a fresh graduate without any idea of a real job... but they were sociable and accepted me as an equal.. although at first I hesitated however now when I think of it.. I’m happy that I did.. about the place it was a provincial type of area.. come on what do you expect of a place that takes 4-5 hours of driving from manila.. oh well you don’t see me complaining anyways the highlight of the trip was this virgin island.. the locals call it "Putipot.. " gosh and it was virgin indeed.. just take a look at the pix to see for yourself.. but before that I would like to thank QueenKatie for allowing me to join her.. thank you so much… sa susunod.. balik tayo..





this post will be cut short for now.. hehehe.. wait for the next post..